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This is a fellowship of men and women of God uniting from all over the world.  

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International Fellowship                                                                                                                                                                      Bishop Rev. Dr. Errol K. Bullen, founder


Vision: Our vision is to unite pastors and preachers of the world. There has been a great disconnect between Africans and African Americans and Dr. Errol K. Bullen would like us to build an international fellowship, that offers yearly conferences to train churches and leaders all over the world.


Goal: Our goal is to train pastors and churches in leadership, evangelize, and equip them to set up auxiliaries/ministries in their churches. Also, we want to train pastors and churches to learn how to do real ministry in a digital world. Lastly, we want to train churches to have a productive music ministry. 


Mission: Our mission is to Equip the Saints, Evangelize the Sinner, and to Evaluate the Harvest. 

Bishop Errol Bullen, Founder
Chief Apostle Jonathan Brooks & Overseer of Liberia (Africa)  
Leader of Women's Ministry
 Apostle Caroline Togbah
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Spiritual Father and Mother of 
Bishop Amos Greatness Bah
Apostle Mercy Bah 
Fellowship Administrator Elder Moses Saaquoi
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